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European Risk Managers Say Increased Lending Will Take Precedence Over Regulatory Efforts in 2014

Regulatory compliance and raising capital have been at the top of risk managers’ To Do lists for years. Our latest survey of European risk managers shows that is starting to change — bankers now say increasing lending will be a greater priority this year.

New lending to consumers is a 2014 priority for 85% of our respondents and new lending to SMEs is a priority for 73%. At the very top of the list of risk management priorities were improving risk management processes and systems, improving the customer experience and growing the profitability of existing customers. These were also the top priorities for risk managers in the U.S. and Canada, according to a similar survey by FICO and PRMIA released today.

European Risk Managers Jan 2014

Mobile technologies will play a significant role in not only attracting high-quality customers, but also in creating engaged customers who demand a multichannel environment. A recent Gallup survey of 3.000 bank customers revealed that customers were using more than 750 unique combinations of contact channels to meet their banking needs. Yes, mobile communications is here to stay, but it forms just part of the answer to engaging with customers more productively.

For the full results of our survey, including breakdowns of the UK, Germany and Central and Eastern Europe, download the report.

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