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Explore the Future of Cybersecurity Analytics at FICO World

Stopping a cyber attack before it becomes a breach requires a transformation in security capabilities and tools. Current solutions use pattern matching or signature-based rules to detect malware or malicious activity. This detection is easily bypassed with only slight changes by attackers. Organizations must evolve their tactical incident response approach by using advanced analytics and intelligence sharing to defend their companies.

That’s exactly what I’ll be exploring in a special session at FICO World 2014, November 11-14 in San Diego.

In my session with Vickie Miller, FICO’s information security officer, I will first give a primer of this new domain by discussing the basics of connected device communications, including DHCP, DNS, FLOW, and WEBLOG events, and show how the devices that our businesses depend upon can be taken over by malware and botnets.

You’ll see how FICO’s cyber analytics models leverage transaction profiling, collaborative profiling, behavior-sorted lists and self-calibrating analytic models to detect outlier behavior in these communication channels.

Finally, you will see how analytics based on the cybersecurity data consortium will allow institutions to benefit from stronger predictive models. This collaborative approach is similar to how banks are already sharing data in the fraud detection space, enabling FICO to build more powerful models trained on much larger data samples.

Join us as we discuss the future of cybersecurity, not only in our session but in the keynote presentation from cybersecurity expert Theresa Payton, former White House CIO. Learn more and register for FICO World at

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