Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Will Require the Use of FICO Score 10 T

FICO Score 10 T gives mortgage lenders the flexibility and predictive power to make more precise lending decisions

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has announced that FICO® Score 10 T has been validated and approved for use by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Enterprises). This decision means that FICO Score 10 T will be required to be used when available, as FICO is today, for each conforming mortgage delivered to the Enterprises.

FICO® Score 10 T is our newest version of FICO® Scores and integrates trended data. It is FICO’s most powerful score to-date and gives mortgage lenders unparalleled flexibility and predictive power while preserving the trusted and proven FICO Score minimum scoring criteria. FICO Score 10 T is a significant improvement over the current FICO Scores used in mortgage lending today.  Plus, FICO Score 10 T utilizes a consistent odds-to-score relationship as the prior FICO Score version used by the Enterprises, offering continuity and stability for lenders, investors and consumers.

FICO® Score 10 T incorporates trended credit bureau data. Different than traditional credit bureau data, the use of trended data considers a historical view of data such as account balances for the previous 24+ months, giving lenders more insight into how individuals are managing their credit. 

These improvements in predictive power enable FICO® Score 10 T to help mortgage lenders safely avoid unexpected credit risk and better control default rates, while making more loans to more consumers. 

To learn more about FICO® Score 10 T please visit:

FICO is the only independent analytic provider and has been trusted for more than 30 years across industries. FICO® Scores remain the cornerstone of the consumer lending ecosystem by competing and winning every day, and are used by more than 90% of top lenders. FICO will continue to innovate and provide the industry with the most predictive and reliable measure of credit risk.


We look forward to working with the FHFA and the Enterprises on the timeline and implementation process.

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