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Feed and URL updates

(Post by Guest Author, James Taylor)
This week marks something of a transition for me and for the blog. I am going to become a guest author here on the Fair Isaac EDM blog - look for me to blog about twice a week. The URL for the Fair Isaac blog remains and the feed is still at The folks at Fair Isaac will be taking over the management of the blog and I suspect you will see some other authors appear over time. I am particularly hopeful that they will start to share more customer stories.

My personal blog (still focused on the opportunities and challenges of decision management) will now be over at (part of the companion site for Smart (Enough) Systems). If you want to continue reading all my posts, and I hope you do, please subscribe to the feed at Those of you subscribed by email will get an invitation directly through the email subscription manager we use. The book's companion site also has a wiki under construction in which I hope you will participate. I just posted on How decision management fits with key 2008 technologies

It's been a real blast blogging here on - over 750 posts in two years or so - and I hope you will continue to subscribe to this blog and join me on my new one.

P.S. Don't forget that I also post to ebizQ at so if you really want to have a complete picture of my posts, you should subscribe to that feed too (

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