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FICO Analytic Cloud Honored in Annual Red Hat Innovation Awards

Red Hat announced that FICO is receiving one of its Innovation Awards in the Infrastructure category. This category recognizes “striking flexibility, scalability, cost effectiveness, performance and security with an infrastructure.” Red Hat is recognizing the work that we’ve done with OpenShift Enterprise in the development of the FICO® Analytic Cloud .

Several years ago, we began developing the FICO Analytic Cloud to better serve the middle market, extend our offerings to different industries, and bring analytics to the masses. When we began work on the Analytic Cloud, we knew the only way to develop and operate such a complex and innovative cloud offering would be to use the Platform as a Service model. We also knew our ambitious and innovative software and tools would demand nothing less than the best PaaS solution in the market.

We ended up selecting OpenShift Enterprise. The results have been stellar. The new PaaS offering has helped drive more than US$10 million in sales in a short timeframe, winning business from companies that otherwise couldn't have afforded the time or cost of implementing our sophisticated analytics solutions. Using the Red Hat technology, we reduced infrastructure operations staffing by 20 percent, saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in hardware costs, and improved time to market by 70 percent.

The relationship we have with the Red Hat team is more than we could have ever asked for.  I can make one phone call and have a SWAT team assembled within an hour. And when you’re living in a new, innovative, highly advanced model like we are today, that’s a great source of security. We are thrilled to see the FICO Analytic Cloud and our use of OpenShift Enterprise recognized by Red Hat with this prestigious award.


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