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FICO and T-Mobile Share Third Party Risk Management Best Practices

The importance of Third-Party Risk Management is growing, and by association cybersecurity risk assessment. FICO has successfully partnered with US mobile carrier T-Mobile to meet this challenge. 

Read the recent Dark Reading piece on this topic.  Doug Clare, Vice President of Fraud, Compliance and Security Solutions, at FICO discusses the challenge in a recent conversation with Chris Wallace, Director of Cyber Risk, at T-Mobile

Chris also believes that FICO® Cyber Risk Score is an invaluable tool for both boards and executives to make important decisions about risk and organizational priorities.

"Updating our board from a risk perspective is very important. Ultimately, our board and executive suite both, are the people who are going to help us make decisions on where we are going to put our funding, resource, time from a security perspective.

"So, ensuring they have the most up to date data and context as to where our biggest issues might lie is as critical as it can be. Otherwise, they won’t have all the information to be able to make a logical risk decision as opposed to what they hear in the news, if its relevant to us, those types of things. Contextualizing that data is the most important thing we can do with the data we get from the FICO tool.”

To hear more from FICO and T-Mobile about TPRM best practices, join our complimentary, webinar - 'Measuring Supply Chain Cyber Risk'- Thursday April 9th, 10 AM PST, 12PM CST, 1PM EST. 

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