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FICO Client Satisfaction Reaches New High in EMEA

When we set up the EMEA Client Success team over two years ago now, listening was the foundation of our team mission: “We partner with our customers by listening and championing their interests to empower them to succeed.”  Listening allows you to understand, adapt and improve. In many ways, clients can coach you to support them better through their feedback. 

Swiss tennis champion Roger Federer has over 100 champion titles, including 20 Grand Slam titles, but he still works with a coach. No matter how world-class you are, you can always, listen, learn and improve.

In this spirit, our EMEA Client Success team launched a listening programme to check in with clients regularly throughout the year. Every quarter we ask leading UK, international and global clients, across a wide range of sectors, to share their feedback and rate their experiences with us. Similar to NPS measurement, our goal is for each client to be a promoter – advocates of FICO, willing to recommend us based on their personal experience.

From the outset, we have seen good engagement, steady progress and continuous improvement, and for the first time we have reached promoter across all key areas.

To achieve and maintain promoter scores, we take the feedback from our listening programme to:

Validate where we are adding value and should continue    

“Team has a high level of experience and knowledge. Very helpful. Solutions are fit for purpose.”

“The client team has been great, they have arranged SME overviews of new services and given me lots to consider. Really supportive approach to help us grow our strategic roadmap.”

“Nine months post implementing FICO, overall positive. Presales and implementation experience have been world class.”

“I enjoy a good robust relationship with FICO.  I like that as a vendor you also do not say that you can do parts of the value chain if you do not have a product that can do that.”

“Very good working relationship and support that is in place is very helpful…. get good insight into how things can be done differently to improve the service that is provided.”

“I think the service and people who I communicate with regularly are very helpful. I would just like to say a big thank-you for their continued help and support.”

Highlight where we need to focus

“A longer view roadmap for say the next two years to understand where FICO is headed, what enhancements are coming and how they are seeing the fraud landscape and will be adapting to it for their clients.”

“I’d like to see some proactive analysis of its clients' data. Tell me what I don’t know and benchmark me against similar sized competitors.”

Understand where we can improve our service and solutions

“What would be a great addition to the portal, would be a live communicator. It would be good to have instant chat to support teams through this channel.”

“Better visualisation of the object model.”

We use the survey results to help improve our understanding of our clients and their perspective. And to focus our energies on what really matters – making the changes that will give our clients great success.  During the pandemic, we have heightened our support and increased our flow of communication. 

“Really appreciative of the support in the last quarter to overcome challenges posed by Covid-19.”

Steady progress

As a team we take great pride in how we are supporting our clients and seeing this recognition in our promoter scores!  But, just like Roger Federer, we are not going to rest in our efforts to remain champions and we would like to finish by thanking our customers.  When you take the time and trouble to give us feedback, everyone is a winner.

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