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FICO® Cyber Risk Score Continues Strong Customer Momentum

The FICO® Cyber Risk Score continues to experience significant momentum in the cyber insurance marketplace with strong growth, new clients, and exciting industry recognition.

FICO has become the trusted name in cyber risk scoring in the insurance marketplace.  A number of new insurance carriers including; Volante Global, Tarian Underwriting Limited, and RLI Insurance Company, have joined a growing number of global insurance carriers currently leveraging the industry leading FICO® Cyber Risk Score for underwriting, portfolio management, risk aggregation, modeling and pricing.

The FICO® Cyber Risk Score gives cyber insurance underwriters the ability to measure cyber security breach risk for individual insureds, as well as aggregated risk across portfolios or business segments.  With the embedded modeling features, users can calculate their probable max loss from cyber breach events, as well as monitor nth party risk aggregation at the product, cloud service provider and supplier level.

In addition, for the second year running, the FICO® Cyber Risk Score has been nominated by the cyber insurance industry for Advisens' Cyber Risk Model of the Year 2020.  We are pleased by this nomination and the adoption of our score in the industry. 

To check out the 2020 Cyber Risk Model of the Year nominees and cast a vote for the FICO® Cyber Risk Score visit.

To learn more about the FICO® Cyber Risk Score, visit  Also follow me on Twitter @juliemay615

Read the full news release here.

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