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FICO Enhances Analytic Products to Solve Ultra-Large Problems Faster

There are a lot of great things happening in FICO’s Decision Management Tools group these days.  This week saw the release of important enhancements to two major components of our analytic portfolio, FICO™ Xpress Optimization Suite 7.1 and FICO™ Model Builder 7.1.  FICO’s analytic portfolio of tools enables businesses to integrate business rules, predictive model development and decision optimization. The integration of these tools dramatically reduces the time and cost needed to develop and deploy predictive models, business rules and optimized strategies within highly scalable decision services.

As the use of predictive modeling and optimization to improve decisions becomes more mainstream, companies are increasingly looking to apply these techniques to ever bigger and more complex business challenges.  To help our clients stay ahead of this trend, FICO is constantly pushing the boundaries of increased performance and the ability to solve ultra-large problems faster than ever before.

Each of these product releases breaks through previous barriers in the size of predictive modeling and optimization problems that can be addressed and the speed with which they can be solved and deployed into production usage.  Together these releases demonstrate FICO’s continued commitment to be the leader in decision management, and we are excited by the new market opportunities that we believe will come from being able to address industry problems that were previously too hard to solve.

For more information on FICO’s analytic portfolio please review the associated press releases or stop by our INFORMS booth, November 7 – 10 in Austin, Texas.

Posted by: Michael Small, Director of Product Marketing

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