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FICO Introduces FICO Safe Driving Score 2.0

Earlier this year, my colleague, Can Arkali, shared the results of an analytic validation of the FICO® Safe Driving Score.  Since then, we’ve been working to enhance the prediction of future collisions and this week we are announcing the launch of FICO Safe Driving Scores, version 2.0. 

The FICO® Safe Driving Score utilizes driving based telematics data captured using sensors on the user’s smartphone for acceleration, braking, cornering, distraction and speeding. Our latest version further refines the weighting associated with each of these categories to achieve a more predictive model.  With this release, we also achieve another milestone for the FICO Safe Driving Score – drivers will receive “Feedback Factors” following each trip giving additional insight about the driving behaviors that led to their trip rating – making the score even more meaningful and actionable.

You can read the full news release here:

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