FICO Launches Groundbreaking FICO Originations Solution, Powered by FICO Platform

After 65 Years, FICO (still) innovates and leads with our software solutions.

We are proud to continue to lead the market in intelligent decisioning innovations that started with Bill Fair and Earl Isaac back in 1956. We’re certain they would be thrilled with our pioneering, value-packed release of FICO® Originations Solution, Powered by FICO® Platform in the AWS Cloud. This release is a tremendous milestone in both features and quality, including a thorough early adopter process on two continents.

Innovation + Listening + Extensible Future-Proofing Across the Customer Credit Lifecycle

Innovation is great—but it’s not enough. We’ve listened carefully to our clients, and we have deeply committed to bringing value across the customer credit lifecycle. This release culminates our long-term vision, delivering market-leading solution packages natively on FICO® Platform, deeply enriched with our Intellectual Property. This release is built on FICO® Studio, extending the value proposition every time a new capability is added. This powerful multiplier effect gives clients a solution that is unmatched in the industry. Here’s how:

  • Integrated, extensible solution powered by FICO® Platform to improve customer experience and operationalize analytics across the entire customer credit lifecycle.
  • Supports global cloud availability in the AWS Cloud, wherever FICO® Platform is available.
  • Easy-to-use, IP-rich, configurable templates that bring best practices to bear across lines of business.
    • Configurable domain templates allow Client and Service Teams to quickly extend functionality, improve time-to-market, and reduce development and testing costs.
    • UI screen management, data model extensions, decisioning strategies (rules, decision trees, decision tables, etc.) in low / no-code environment.
  • A future-ready extensible solution—a loan origination solution our clients will never outgrow as they transform their businesses: 
    • Higher automated approval rates
    • Faster average time-to-decision
    • Lower abandonment rates during the customer journey through higher engagement via our library of omni-channel microservices
    • Easy integration with world-class analytics for pricing and approvals—using FICO analytics or our clients’ analytics. Our Analytic Data Mart allows for continuous improvement of the decision trees and scores used in the solution, whether clients use FICO Analytics Workbench or their own tooling.
    • Cloud-native capabilities in scaling, continuous integration, and deployment to drive down the total cost of service
  • Easy, data-provider agnostic access to an ever-expanding list of 130+ global data sources through the FICO data provider library.
    • An extensive set of global data providers are available today, and new ones are regularly added.

FICO Platform: Make Faster, Smarter, and More Profitable Customer Decisions

The industry-leading FICO® Platform helps financial services firms make faster, smarter, and more profitable customer decisions to maximize customer satisfaction and retention. The unifying decisioning infrastructure gives firms true customer-centricity: deep, real-time, 360-degree insights into every customer touch, across all channels, for the full duration of the customer lifecycle. Those business goals bring real business value in an ever-changing world:

  • Unify: Adopt a unified, scalable decision platform across the enterprise.
  • Personalize: Create effective, highly personalized customer treatments.
  • Empower: Allow business users to create and manage the strategies, rules, and analytics.
  • Reuse: Efficiently reuse connected decision assets across the customer lifecycle.
  • Validate: Test and simulate decisions before they are put into production.
  • Maximize: Improve the success rate and return-on-decisions of their strategies.
  • Collaborate: Bring technologists and business SMEs together to deliver business value.

We’re proud of our legacy of innovation and thankful to our clients for their decades of partnership and trust. We believe the pandemic and struggles have made all of us more resilient and laser-focused on driving much-needed digital transformation. After 65 years, we’re (still) leading, innovating, and discovering opportunities in today’s digital-first world.


To learn more about FICO® Originations Solution, Powered by FICO® Platform, visit:

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