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FICO Recognized as a Leader in Digital Decisioning Platforms

More and more, businesses realize that treating every customer interaction as “one size fits all” is a recipe for irritating them, losing their attention, and ultimately having a competitor take them away. Conversely, consumers are more likely to be loyal to those brands that demonstrate empathy and understanding of what matters to the customer.

When FICO introduced “Decision Management” as an integrated technology and analytics platform offering several years ago, it empowered organizations to codify their interaction logic, empower it with predictive and prescriptive analytics, and rapidly build and deploy scalable, 360-degree customer engagement solutions. A platform approach allowed them to connect and ultimately centralize decisions across business units and functions, powered by business users who could test and deploy scenarios and strategies, without needing IT or other specialized assistance. As the centralized model gains traction throughout the entire business, customer engagement is powered by a “sense and respond” model that delights customers and boosts competitive advantage. This approach also seems to enable true enterprise-wide customer 360 by breaking down the line of business silos often prevalent in larger organizations and allowing every part of an organization to see the buyer’s journey through an organizations offerings.

Recently, the noted analyst firm Forrester has introduced a similar concept as Digital Decisioning – mainly, at the right time in the customer journey, decide what to do and then execute that decision, based on customer insights as well as analytical and machine learning models. In their New Wave for Digital Decisioning report, now available for download, Forrester acknowledges FICO’s leadership in helping clients develop and deploy decision management solutions. Specifically:

“FICO leads with world-class decision management and analytics. FICO’s Blaze Advisor is world-class at enabling both technical developers and business analysts to author business rules. With the addition of advanced analytics modeling, enterprises can use FICO to make sophisticated, consequential decisions.”

So, if you’re an application development and delivery (AD&D) professional, or otherwise focusing on implementing an advanced platform for operationalizing your data and analytic capabilities, download the report to read and independent, unbiased perspective on this critical capability. Also check out:

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