FICO Score 10 Suite Available from All Three Credit Bureaus

Lenders gain up to a ten percent predictive lift with FICO Score 10 Suite over previous FICO Score models.

The FICO® Score 10 Suite, which includes FICO Score 10 and FICO Score 10 T, is now generally available from all three credit bureaus.

The FICO® Score 10 Suite outperforms all previous FICO Scores, giving lenders unparalleled predictive power to make more precise lending decisions.  With the FICO® Score 10 Suite, lenders gain up to a ten percent predictive lift over previous FICO Score models.

To further enhance flexibility and predictive power, the addition of FICO® Score 10 T incorporates trended credit bureau data. Different than traditional credit bureau data, trended data provides a historical view of information such as monthly account balances for the previous 24+ months, giving lenders more insight into how individuals are managing their credit.  These in-depth insights can help lenders expertly manage credit risk in these uncertain times, while continuing to make competitive credit offers to consumers. 

FICO® Score 10 and 10 T provide a precise assessment of consumer credit risk on all credit product lines, including mortgages, auto loans, credit cards and personal loans. Like all FICO® Scores, they can be used across the entire customer credit lifecycle, starting with marketing/pre-screen, originations and account management, all the way through early-stage collections. Also the backwards compatibility of FICO® Score 10 ensures more seamless lender adoption since it utilizes the same score reason codes.  Both new scores maintain the same score range and a similar odds-to-score relationship as currently in-market FICO® Scores.

In addition, we are receiving strong feedback from clients who are already using the scores:

  • “We were excited to learn about the new FICO® Score 10 Suite and to be an early adopter.  We chose to use the new scores across the board for credit decisions as well as share the scores with our members through the FICO® Score Open Access program,” said Tim Wheeler, Director of Consumer Lending at Fortera Credit Union.
  • “We have used FICO® Scores for many years. We were thrilled to be an early adopter of FICO® Score 10 T, which provides superior prediction, especially amid the downturn and changing economy,” said David Christovich, Vice President of Risk at Virginia Credit Union


For more information about the FICO® Score 10 Suite, please visit:

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