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FICO World Preview: Is Your Customer Engagement Compliant?

Emerging technologies are improving the ways companies contact and communicate with customers. But just when technology is making it easier to deliver “right message, right time, right channel,” a changing regulatory landscape is adding new layers of complexity.

While managing customer engagement strategies for customer service, fraud detection, marketing and debt collection, companies face a number of regulatory landmines. How you handle these myriad regulations depends on a number of factors. Regulations vary by communications type—for example, there are different rules for customer contact via email vs. mobile phone. Regulations also vary according to where you send the message (e.g., home vs. business), how you got the consumer contact information, the purpose of the communications and whether the contact is permissions-based.

So what’s a compliance-flummoxed company to do? For ideas, watch the on-demand FICO World Preview Webinar, “Customer Communications: Clearing the Regulatory Hurdles.” In it, FICO's Vance Gudmundsen, Regulatory Counsel, and Bill Brown, Product Marketing Director–Compliance, discuss current regulations and best-practice strategies adopted by FICO clients.

For more information, join us at FICO World next month. Besides hearing first-hand from Vance and Bill, there are 80+ engaging sessions, including tracks dedicated to both Customer Engagement and Regulatory Compliance.

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