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FICO World Webinar: Text Analytics 101

Buried in your notes, documents, email, survey results and social media is a gold mine of useful data – but finding that value is hard, real hard. In a FICO World Preview webinar, titled “Text Analytics-What It Can Do for You,” FICO’s Colette Glaser walks through how you can take advantage of the 85 percent of your data that isn’t used because it’s unstructured.

Unstructured data is intended for human consumption, not for machine consumption. It is messy, filled with noise and misspellings, and reflective of highly specialized domain and language needs. The growing field of text analytics is introducing new technologies and methodologies to tackle these challenges and get to the heart of your unstructured data.

We invite you to listen to the replay of this FICO World Preview webinar as an excellent primer to text analytics. And if you are interested in learning more, you can attend Colette’s session at FICO World in San Diego titled “Turn Random Text into Profitable Context: How to Convert Unstructured Text and Data into a Treasure Trove of Insights” on Friday, November 14.

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