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Fight Fraud - Think Like Bond

For a long time now, those in the security and fraud mitigation fraternity have been cautioning people not to unwittingly reveal too much information about themselves through their social media profiles or other on-line presence. Indeed, I blogged about that very topic over two years ago.

As an individual, you should behave as though you’re James Bond on a mission — not only protecting your secret identity, but also looking at the information you reveal and how it could be used against you. For a humorous take on this, see this story about an “MI6 Safehouse” that shows up on a major London street in Google Maps! It’s almost certainly a joke but it’s also every security agency’s worse nightmare.

One really cannot be too careful what one puts online. And if you need further proof of that, take a look at and think again about what you might be allowing other people to access on your profiles. (Then, when you’re just about convinced you know everything that could be used against you, read this story on Google Glasses.)

George Orwell may have written about Big Brother coming in 1984, but in 2013 we all need to be wary of his criminal cousin!

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