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The future of CRM

Scott Nelson gave a great presentation at Gartner's CRM Summit in London recently. I particularly liked this slide:


I like this slide a lot as it clearly shows why I think EDM and CRM are going to converge. Look at the boxes - "differentiated", "personalized", "automated", "guided" - rules;  "predictive", "segmented" - analytics; "intelligent" - EDM.

  • Predictive Marketing
    Using predictive analytics to identify the right offers, right decisions, right actions.
  • Right Time Marketing
    Using business rules to process the events as they happen in true business activity monitoring fashion.
  • Segmentation-based selling
    Using data and analytics based on that data to develop data-driven strategies that can be implemented as business rules.
  • Guided Interactions
    Using business rules to script and direct CSRs and customers.
  • Automated Enterprise Channels
    Only possible if the core decisions within those channels are also automated.

Resulting in differentiated, personalized, intelligent, automated relationships.  EDM+CRM! For more see the CRM section of the blog.

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