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Gaining Speed to Market with Best Practice Collections

These days, collection managers face many tough questions. How can we do more with the same resources? How can we make sure to work the right delinquent customers? Can we improve the timing of collection actions? How can we improve kept promise rates and offer better customer service? And, how can we make improvements in weeks rather than months or years?

Collection managers are looking for speed to market with their initiatives, and a quick ROI so that everyone, from senior management to collectors, can see results. In today’s environment, budget for investing in new collections technology is scarce, the availability of in-house IT resource is often more scarce, and projects are prioritized strictly on ROI impact. Yet it's still possible to make a significant impact in collections performance and improve customer service without huge investment.

This is the focus of my upcoming FICO webinar, Gaining Speed to Market with Best Practice Collections, to be held on May 10th. Together with my colleague Steven Matthews, who is a FICO global business consultant, we’ll look at ways of implementing proven initiatives, many of which build on existing legacy technology, in a matter of weeks rather than the longer timescales typical of significant improvements. If this interests you, it would be great to have you join us.

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