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Getting benefits from compliance

Laurie Sullivan wrote on TechWeb that Compliance Spending To Reach $28 Billion By 2007. She noted that:

Companies that treat compliance as more than just a necessary budget item see unexpected benefits. Survey respondents ranked the top business benefits of compliance as streamlining business processes, 36 percent; better quality, 28 percent; secure information, 14 percent; supply globalization efforts, 11 percent; improved operational visibility, 10 percent; and other, one percent.

I often blog about compliance issues as I think business rules is an ideal technology for compliance automation and it is only with automation that these costs can be reduced and more benefits gained. Let's take the benefit of streamlining business processes. In this case the use of business rules to automate critical decisions within a business process can reduce the number of steps in the process, simplify routing and eliminate time-consuming and costly manual reviews. As for quality, the use of business rules to automate quality checks and ensure consistency and completeness is widespread and well proven. Using business rules for compliance will help deliver the quality improvements for which you are looking. Taken together these are the top benefits of more than half the responders.

If you want benefits from compliance then use business rules.

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