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Gratitude and Shameless Commerce All Together in a Single Post

(Posted by guest blogger and ersatz technology evangelist, Ian Turvill.)

James's "likelihood to blog score" rates very low today, so it's up to me again. As I was casting around today for things to comment on, a press release arrived in my inbox from Fair Isaac's public relations department.

"IDG’s InfoWorld has honored Fair Isaac with the 2007 Technology of the Year Award for Best Business Rules Management System," it said. Cool, I said to myself, causing everyone in the cubes around to me to wonder what was going on this time, I bet that's something James's readers will want to know about. So, at the risk of a shameless plug for Fair Isaac's technology, here's some bullet points from the release:

  • InfoWorld’s annual Technology of the Year Awards recognize the top technologies that made the greatest impact on enterprise IT strategies during the past year.

  • "Blaze Advisor has always been one of the most friendly of the BRMS tools to business users, providing pleasant graphical development environments and understandable rule flow charts, decision tables, rules trees, and object models. Version 6.1, thanks to the incorporation of Rete III, now moves Blaze into the front of the pack in performance."

Complete details on InfoWorld’s 2007 Technology of the Year Awards can be found at and the January 1 print edition of InfoWorld. The awards encompass a number of areas that will be of interest to our blog's more technologically-oriented readers, including:

  • Application development, including business rules management, AJAX toolkits, Java test tools, and more
  • Applications, including Exchange management tools, and portals
  • Data Management, including enterprise search, RSS management, and more
  • Hardware, including workstations, servers, and systems management tools
  • Networking, including WAN accelerator, 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches, network analysis applications, and more
  • Platforms, including Linux desktops, servers, and application virtualization
  • Security, including anti-spam tools, data leak preventers, UTM appliances, and more
  • Storage, including e-mail archiving, tape libraries, and networked storage

The awards are selected by InfoWorld's Test Center editors and reviewers, but Blaze Advisor's performance rests on the hard work and innovation of our talented development staff, and (more importantly) on the feedback from our clients who use it to power high-volume operational decision automation applications in insurance, financial services, retail, and elsewhere. So, thanks to you!

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