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Great article on Intelligent Business

Mike Ferguson of Intelligent Business Strategies Limited wrote a nice piece about A Road Map to Intelligent Business. His definition of an intelligent business being one that is able to bring its business intelligence to bear on operational systems is a principle close to my heart. Likewise his focus on doing the things he recommends with a business objective in mind reminded me how key it is that ROI is delivered as you go - the days of massive infrastructure projects, even for EDM, are long gone.

While I like his overall approach and his focus on the role of business rules there are two things I might add to Mike's article:

  • More about predictive analytics
    I have blogged about predictive analytics here and recently blogged about the different ways to integrate analytics into processes.
  • More about the importance of agility
    I just blogged about this today and have a lot more here. One of my favorite posts is this one on how change is inevitable.

The idea of treating decisions as a corporate asset and moving to being an intelligence business are going to deliver real competitive benefits. If not to you, then to your competitors.

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