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A growing EDM community

MarchStatsAs the first quarter just ended I thought I would update everyone with some stats about the EDM community here on the blog. I posted a couple of graphs to show how it's going. The top one is from Google Analytics and the lower from Feedburner. Some interesting snippets:

  • Pageviews have climbed from around 5,000/month in September to 12,000 in March
  • Visits have risen from just under 3,000 a month to something over 6,500 in the same period
  • Subscribers (that is people who load the feed into some kind of feed reader) have risen from around 200-250 to nearly 700
    The big jump came from the sudden addition of Google's reader to the stats

So it seems we are hitting a nerve and that people are interested. I hope it's useful and as always all of us appreciate feedback so post comments or email me (jamestaylor at

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