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Hear How Citi Drives Growth in Debt Collection at FICO World

Adopting and adapting sustainable, profitable growth in debt collection isn’t easy.  Consumer demands, regulatory protections and new technologies play an integral role in the management and day-to-day processing of debt.  Most of us understand this, and some more than others.

Debra Stabile is one of the people in the know.  As Managing Director and Chief Risk Officer for Citi Retail Services, Debra analyzes the evolution and impact of debt collection influences. She’s sharing all of it in “The New Normal: Adopting and Adapting to Drive Sustainable, Profitable Growth” at FICO World, at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina, November 11-14.

The list of debt management influences is long: evolving consumer behaviors, uncertain economic times, new regulatory protections, more diverse lending practices, payment choices and access to smarter technology lead the list. Do you know the keys to the consumer credit cycle? How do you optimize your organizational structure and people to create compliance and regulatory expertise? Are you using the right analytic tools to become more precise in segmenting your debt collection strategies?

These are some of the questions Debra will address in her presentation. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of the evolving landscape, learn how to become more proactive, and take a giant step towards embracing and driving relevant change from someone who knows retail banking history as well as the current environment.

Learn more and register now at  To learn more about the issues and remedies in retail banking, read our popular white paper, "Satisfying Customer and Regulators: Five Imperatives."

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