How to Choose the Right Enterprise Fraud Solution

FICO’s recent Chartis ranking as Category Leader reflects best-in-class enterprise fraud management solutions

This past year, financial institutions (along with the rest of us), had their world turned upside down.  Many institutions had to balance taking the express route to becoming truly digital businesses.  Also managing radically different customer behavior and suddenly having a workforce that was predominately working from home.  All while still keeping customers safe and secure.  And even though fraud and the way it’s managed is constantly evolving, the impact of COVID-19 has made having a solid, adaptive, integrated enterprise fraud solution, as the backbone to your strategy, more important than ever.

This leaves many at financial institutions wondering what they should look for to identify the best solution for their company.  Look no further than the recently published Chartis Financial Crime Risk Management Systems: Enterprise Fraud Market Update and Vendor Landscape, 2021, where FICO was named as the top enterprise fraud Category Leader.

The Chartis evaluation uses a sophisticated ranking methodology to explain which solutions would be the best for buyers using criteria across 15 assessment areas.  In this report, Chartis named FICO the top Category Leader, having named FICO as a Category Leader for three years in a row.

To quote Chartis, “FICO’s ranking as Category Leader reflects its best-in-class enterprise fraud management solutions, which include the highest possible ratings for advanced fraud detection techniques, and card fraud.  FICO also delivers advanced fraud-detection capabilities in mobile fraud, electronic payments fraud, and real-time transaction monitoring, to help organizations manage complex business challenges via an integrated cloud-ready platform.”

Download the Chartis Financial Crime Risk Management Systems: Enterprise Fraud Market Update and Vendor Landscape, 2021, to help you chose your next enterprise fraud solution.  Also speak to an advisor to learn more about the fraud solutions used by more than 9,000 financial institutions and how it can benefit your strategy.

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