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How Do You Know I'm in London Today?

A Row of London Buses

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and sometime London Transport rider, Ian Turvill.)

So, how would you know that I was in London today.  What form of analytics would tell you that I was working from our office next to the Thames?

Well, it's a well known fact about Londoners that if you wait for a bus, and have to wait a long time, then three of them will turn up at the same time.  I think this is because they all just stuck behind each other traffic, whereas other vehicles can overtake them.  Alternatively, or perhaps additionally, as soon as the buses get close together, then whichever bus is in front gets slowed down by taking on passengers, while the other buses can just zip on by.  And I believe, I've seen it happen many times for real.

So, blogs must just be the same.  I haven't posted for days, and three blog entries come along in a row.

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