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How Much of the 80% Do You Capture?

Up to 80% of the risk associated with the entire lifecycle of an account can be determined at the point of application. Are you capturing this much of the risk, and using it to improve your origination decisions?

It’s a critical issue today, as lenders try to find profitable customers in a new environment. Improving your use of origination analytics to identify an applicant’s true risk and making the most appropriate origination decisions is the path to success.

I urge anyone interested in this topic to attend FICO’s webinar in Europe tomorrow, How Analytics Drive Profitable Origination Growth. It’s a timely topic, and our analytic experts have some examples from our work with clients worldwide that will give you new insights. They'll also discuss how best to balance your competing and conflicting business objectives around acceptance rates, loss rates, exposure, capital costs and profitability.

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