How Organizations with Decisioning Platforms Win

Robust decisioning platforms will enable enterprises to develop better customer experiences and faster time-to-market

While developing a robust decisioning platform strategy can be complex, the impact has proven to offer strong payback aside from the market attribution. I recently partnered with the Inside Analysis podcast to discuss the role of AI/ML in transformation initiatives and how to realize the full business potential through an Applied Intelligence Platform approach. There are multiple concepts around enterprise collaboration, digital transformation, and AI/ML we that were part of the discussion. In this 3-part podcast series, we cover current industry trends and how to manifest business outcomes.


Part 1 – Applied Intelligence: Making the Most of Decision Assets

What is the best part of AI/ML? Watching the business improve! Sure, it's exciting to find a meaningful pattern in the data; it's fun to build and train the models, but nothing screams success like a noticeable movement of the needle. That's what organizations are discovering these days as they grease the tracks to improvement, often thanks to a robust platform for enterprise intelligence.


Part 2 – The Big Pivot: How Innovators Turn the Corner with AI

Can you feel the changes underfoot? Business processes are getting streamlined. Automation fueled by AI and ML is optimizing formerly unwieldy processes, leading to better customer experience, and faster time-to-market. The impact is clear for many organizations: digital transformation is happening, and that's improving uptake across the board.


Part 3 – All Together Now: Breaking Down Silos is Key to Driving Collaboration

Teamwork makes the dream work! That’s especially true today as organizations are figuring out how the immediacy of modern collaboration can solve previously intractable problems. No more throwing things over the wall and hoping for the best. Now, teams can gather together, either in person or virtually, to hash out plans for capturing, managing and analyzing data, resulting in much greater visibility and situational awareness across the enterprise.

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