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How Santander Polska Automated Collections - and Won

In collections and recovery, automation has additional benefits. Not only can automated collections improve efficiency, it can also improve the customer experience - unsurprisingly, many people don't want to talk to a debt collector.

Case in point: Santander Bank Polska has achieved a 160 percent uplift in automated collections since using FICO® Customer Communication Services to execute multi-channel customer communications. As a result, 25 percent of its collections cases are now resolved without any human involvement.

A long-term user of FICO® Customer Communication Services (CCS) for collections, Santander Bank Polska upgraded its system to deal with customers who had multiple accounts with the bank, and to increase automated self-service for customers seeking to repay debts. FICO carried out extensive upgrades to the existing CCS system, so Santander Bank Polska’s customers can now choose from four different automated bank communications channels — and even contact the bank outside call centre working hours.

“With the new FICO CCS system in place, Santander Bank Polska can reallocate the time and resources spent on standard arrears tasks to help more vulnerable customers and those unable to resolve their financial difficulties. This is enabling us to put our customers at the center of our operations and increase their levels of satisfaction.”Robert Pikuła, head of recoveries at Santander Bank Polska

Under the new system, more customers are paying before slipping into arrears. In just one quarter, the bank experienced a 20 percent decrease in delinquency. In addition, 98 percent of customers who are assigned to automated strategies use self-service channels, even though they have an option to connect with the call center.


“Many customers’ primary experience with a bank is through its collections department, so the way those interactions are handled is crucial,” said Bruce Curry, vice president for collections consulting at FICO. “What Santander Bank Polska is doing represents an emerging best practice for automated collections.”

For its achievements, Santander Bank Polska was recognised in the Debt Management category in the 2018 FICO® Decisions Awards.

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