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How Smart Government Agencies Collect More Debt (Video)

Declining revenues, customers who won’t pay, overworked collectors — government agencies face the same challenges as anyone else collecting debt.  One agency that found a good solution is Shelby County, Tennessee.

As Debra Gates, chief administrative officer for Shelby County Trustee, explains in this video, the department decided to close a revenue shortfall not by raising taxes but by going after accounts receivable.

“The reason that we chose FICO was, first of all, their experience with government,” Gates says. The flexibility and open architecture of FICO Debt Manager were also important points.”

And the results?

“During the first 120 days of our collection activity for 2013, we collected an additional $6 million, which was about 80 basis points above what we’d collected in prior years,” Gates says.

“The employees have really bought into FICO Debt Manager. It has made our staff more efficient and more effective at what they do, and we’re able to verify that by what’s reported out of the system, and we’ve historically not been able to do that.”

For more information, read our case study.

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