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Women in AI: The Banker Podcast with Louise Lunn

Why is it important to have more women in AI? What should a young woman consider if she's interested in joining the field?

Louise Lunn, vice president of Global Analytics Delivery at FICO, discusses these issues in this podcast from The Banker. Editor Joy MacKnight explores the impact that COVID-19 had had on the demand for AI, and how widely AI is used in financial services.

Turning to the importance of women in AI, Lunn describes how easy it is to miss bias when the AI development team is exclusively of one gender or race (or both). She also notes that there are a wide range of opportunities for women in the field, especially as demand for AI is growing so fast.

Lunn recommends that women interested in joining the field look at coursework in:

  • Programming Skills
  • Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics
  • Machine Learning algorithms
  • Spark and Big Data Technologies
  • Architecture and Frameworks
  • Communication and Problem-solving Skills

"If you're passionate about maths and you've got creativity and passion, you can be part of the future," Lunn says. "Many of the world’s biggest problems are going to be solved with AI. It's a really exciting time."

Listen to the podcast:

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