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Infographic: The Analytics Big Bang

The need to decode data and build customer intimacy is driving a huge expansion in predictive analytics:

  • In twelve years the analytic software market went from $11 billion to $35 billion
  • In nine years the R programming language for analytic software grew to 1 million users
  • In eight years IBM spent $16 billion buying analytics companies
  • In one year the number of data scientist job posts has jumped 15,000%

In the last 70 years, analytics have gone from the province of governments to tools that small businesses can use. This has been driven by numerous innovations in analytic technology. FICO today released an infographic that looks at the evolution of analytics and the bursts of innovation that are propelling us to the future of ubiquitous analytics.


Note: click on the infographic above to enlarge it, or view a larger version here.

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