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Infographic: Santa’s Official FICO® Score

This just in from the North Pole: Santa has a FICO® Score, and it is 757. Santa’s FICO® Score was derived by taking into account his recent financing of a new hybrid sleigh purchase, his use of credit cards during the holiday toy production season, his HELOC that he used to expand his toy factory a few years ago, and his long history of using credit responsibly. Santa chose to share his FICO® Score to encourage others to be proactive about their personal finances and checking their FICO® Scores, particularly during the holiday shopping season.

Santa’s score is an actual FICO® Score, which FICO’s data scientists calculated using financial information that commonly makes up an individual’s credit profile. This infographic illustrates the factors that went into Santa’s FICO® Score.

Santa’s Official FICO® Score Santa’s Official FICO® Score

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