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Insurance Technology Blog Started

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and Explorer in the Blogosphere, Ian Turvill.)

I see that CastleBay Consulting Corp., a consulting services firm to the P&C insurance market, has launched and will facilitate a new "P&C technology" blog to offer the industry "an open forum for opinion, conversation and experience-sharing". The P&C technology blog is intended to: "Coalesce and share perspectives from a broad group of technology minds in insurance for the benefit of the entire industry."

I'm sure that the blog will offer some very interesting perspectives, some of relevance to EDM-related issues, such as rules, analytics, and decision strategies, as well as many other issues outside our standard EDM realm. Users can access the blog at

We welcome the Insurance Technology Blog to the Blogosphere! And if the blogger-in-chief George Grieve would like to post here, we certainly encourage him to make contributions!

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