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InterACT 2008 and Social Media

Posed by guest blogger, James Taylor)


Well it's almost time for InterACT - I will be arriving on Sunday and will blog furiously for three or so days. I will post summaries here on the edmblog and blog about the two Fair Isaac keynotes here also. The rest will be live and independent over on the Smart (enough) Systems blog (you can subscribe using RSS).

I will also be using twitter at the conference and you can follow my posts at and the conference at

Anyone who is attending and using twitter, please go to and follow the bot so you can include #interact2008 in your twitter posts and contribute to the collective memory.

You can get more information on the event here. I hope to see you there.


Visit my Smart (Enough) Systems Blog(Subscribe using RSS) or my ebizQ blog (RSS). Buy the book or visit the companion wiki.

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