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InterACT - A Summary

Well I think we are done blogging from InterACT so I thought I would write a quick summary. There were a ton of good sessions and lots of interesting discussions so the links below represent just a tiny fraction of what went on. My key takeaways were:

  • Advanced decisioning is not just for financial services any more - insurance, healthcare, telco, CRM, marketing and more are adopting it
  • The combination of data analysis and human expertise is a powerful one - whether you are combining the two in building new analytic models or by combining analytic models themselves with business rules
  • Empowering the people who understand the business from a strategic level to impact decisions taken at the operational level is key
  • There is a tremendous ROI from improving high volume decisions just a little
  • As Fair Isaac's head of R&D said, "we are just getting started"

For those of you looking for the links, here they are:

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