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Introducing FICO's Decision Heroes

Companies want to uncover opportunities, solve hard problems, innovate creative solutions and ultimately create value. FICO’s Decision Heroes are ordinary people who can help you make some extraordinarily good decisions! It is that simple.

They work hard to solve some of the complex problems faced by businesses around the world; whether it is a bank trying to improve its targeted loan offers, a telco deciding if a new customer is a credit risk, or an airline optimizing the movements of its fleet and staff around the world.

Our Decision Heroes all bring a different background or angle to their work but they are bound by a passion for problem-solving. One of the exciting things about these leaders at FICO is their intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm about developments in the field. One of these burgeoning areas is decision optimization.

Ed Wallen is witnessing a dramatic change in the way companies handle their collections. He has seen companies funnel 40%–50% of their inbound exchanges through an AI chatbot and drive them to resolution. He also sees decision optimization as an excellent way to deal with regulations. Adding optimization to predictive models helps companies account for constraints while maintaining profitability, reducing compliance and doing right by customers.

Oliver Bastert predicts that AI might make some optimization techniques like mathematical programming redundant. He says that machine learning will make a great contribution towards enhancing the current optimization approaches, but he is doubtful that AI on its own will be the only technology due to the complexity of optimization problems.

Many of FICO’s Decision Heroes say that the industry is at a thrilling inflection point where technology is opening up new opportunities. Modern computational power now allows us to run ever-complex models over vast data sets in a split second. Our Decision Heroes see that operationalizing decisions is growing quickly and delivering enormous value to the business world and society at large.

Neill Crossley says he thinks the future is a machine/human collaboration called augmented intelligence. He believes we will have domain experts who are enabled by technology to measure, manage and control decisions. Using FICO’s decision optimization software, for example, customers can get huge insights into what influences their decision outcomes and learn how best to improve their decisions. They can do this while anticipating changes in the market & economy to achieve the best possible future results.


Our Decision Heroes are at the forefront of both the technology, the methodology and the thinking that is changing the way business is done. Further validation of this change is Forrester’s most recent Wave for Digital Decisioning Platform report. The analyst firm says that there is an emerging market for digital decisioning platforms and recently recognized FICO as a leader in the field. The report says that the key to improving customer engagement relies on automating the decisions that attract and retain them.

I encourage you to read more about how Decision Management continues to change the way the world works, through the words of our Decision Heroes.

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