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IoT: Will Your Car Let You Drive Home from the Bar?

Much ado has been made about self-driving cars, and the spirited debate as to how soon humans will be banned from driving. Whether that happens or not - and as a car enthusiast I hope it never does - as a data scientist I’m fascinated how much we can learn about making cars (and drivers) safer by diving into the massive amounts of data that onboard sensors generate.

That's the topic of my new post on TechTarget's IoT Agenda, where I explore how behavioral analytics could change driving for the better. If your car senses you're drunk, for example, it might pull over to the side of the road and stop you driving home.

Explore this brave new world with me in my new post. And follow me on Twitter @ScottZoldi for my views on AI and cars that think they're smarter than we are.

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