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It's So Juicy!!!

Posted by Guest Blogger, and a mere apprentice serving at the knee of the master, Ian Turvill.

Great news from Virginia today!  And no, I'm not betraying my political leanings.

Instead, I am simply revealing that Juice Analytics, an analytics consulting based in Herndon, VA, that "helps small and mid-market companies develop deep prospect and customer understanding through visualization and analytics of existing data" has awarded my colleague, and the primary author of this blog, James Taylor, a "Juicy"!

What is a Juicy, you might ask?  The Juicy Awards recognize websites, including blogs, which "are worth a visit (or a subscription) to learn from some of the best, most passionate practitioners".

The "Juicys" (rather than "Juicies", I presume) are awarded in six categories:

  1. Charts and graphs
  2. Information visualization
  3. Presentations
  4. Excel
  5. Data analysis
  6. Business intelligence

James was presented the Juicy for his contributions to "business intelligence".  The citation reads as follows:  "James Taylor has a rare corporate blog that is informative and passionate without feeling like a pitch."  I'm sure that James is very appreciative of recognition, and that our readers would agree with me that the Juicy is very well deserved.  Well done, James!
Be sure to check out some of the other blogs mentioned in this posting that have a strong viewpoint on the elements of Enterprise Decision Management, including:

So, what's next for James?  He already has a Grammy, or actually a lot of them.  Perhaps an Emmy, or an Oscar?

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