Join Our New Online Community to Fight Fraud & Financial Crime

The new FICO community will give you more detailed practical information to help your organization fight fraud & financial crime, and hear from fraud experts

The challenge for financial institutions of fighting fraud and tackling financial crime has never been greater. As the market for global payments and financial services grows, criminals develop new strategies and technologies to make illicit gains.

Fraud experts need to be armed with the most up-to-date information about the latest industry trends and developments.

To help financial institutions meet this challenge, FICO is launching a new online community dedicated to helping you learn more about the latest innovations in fraud, financial crimes and identity and authentication. The FICO community allows you to engage with peers and FICO experts to find resources, get answers to questions, submit ideas, and share your knowledge and experiences.

While we will continue to share insights and trend information on the FICO blog, the new community will give you more detailed practical information to help your organization fight fraud and financial crime. The new community will include a wealth of information about FICO’s cutting-edge solutions to fight fraud and financial crimes in a variety of different formats including product and solution information and documentation, videos and demos, online learning and training and real-life examples of how FICO’s solutions have helped a diverse range of companies solve a variety of different fraud-related problems.

The new community is driven by some of the finest minds in fraud detection. You can hear from and interact with these experts and “decision heroes”, discussing a range of topics including the importance of AI and machine learning for fraud detection, the application of biometrics for customer identification, and the latest trends in anti-money laundering.  

The community will be constantly updated with the latest industry insights and trends. Regular engagement and interaction with your peers will help you be better placed to meet the challenges posed by the fraudsters.

Join the new FICO fraud community now at

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