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Kasparov on AI: How Is Artificial Intelligence Evolving? (Video)

Nearly every day you can read about a new application of artificial intelligence. This field is changing very fast, and not only are the applications expanding, so is the technology.

At FICO World 2018, I sat down with Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov to discuss the hot topics in the world of AI, and asked: How is AI evolving?

Watch the video below, and for more of my conversation with Garry Kasparov on AI go to, where you can see other excerpts as well as our full discussion.

Having written 91 patent applications and nearly all in machine learning, I find a continuous opportunity to improve, enhance, and drive new capabilities in machine learning. One of my favorite work streams is around self-learning machine learning models and semi-supervised models that learn continuously from human analysts, making a hybrid intelligence that is constantly evolving. Garry and I are on the same track around the combination of machine learning and human intelligence as the winning future direction.

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