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Kasparov on AI: When Deep Blue Beat Me (Video)

One of the landmark moments in the history of AI came 21 years ago, when Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov beat IBM supercomputer Deep Blue — and then was beaten by it.

How did this change the future of artificial intelligence? Did it spell the end of the human race as thinkers and competitors?

As a researcher and practitioner in machine learning, I know that each achievement machine learning makes impresses us and sometimes threatens our human intelligence. However, after building thousands of these models with various machine learning algorithms, I also know is that machine learning is not magic or that intelligent, but very good at very specialized problems. When he faced Deep Blue, Garry was competing with a very specialized brute force machine learning effort - one he wouldn't even say was particularly intelligent. However, it was very, very fast!

When I sat down with him at FICO World 2018 to discuss the hot topics in the world of AI, he told me that his defeat that day was a victory for us humans.

Find out why in the video below, and for more of my conversation with Garry Kasparov on AI go to, where you can see other excerpts as well as our full discussion.

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