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Latest Reports Name FICO TONBELLER a Leader in AML, KYC

More recognition of FICO’s leadership in anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) solutions has just come in the form of two new IDC MarketScape reports.

The reports note that the FICO TONBELLER Siron AML and KYC products are “mature, proven solutions with substantial out-of-the-box features including configurability, data connections, and analytics. FICO has done a great job incorporating TONBELLER into the family and infusing experience, size, and analytics capabilities into the Siron product line.”


“Our reports examine not just product quality and innovation but customers’ experience using the products to stop financial crime,” said Steven D'Alfonso, research director, IDC Financial Insights. "To reduce operating expenses and risk, financial institutions should consider KYC and AML solutions that apply advanced analytics to improve customer life-cycle management. We found that in both the quality of the solutions and the customer experience, FICO TONBELLER is a leader.”

About Siron AML, the report says: “Siron's AML solution is a very rich, standard product, inclusive of AI and ML, that exceeds its peers and allows for a simplified upgrade experience along with compatibility and compliance. Customer references cited excellent customer experience from scoping and implementation to continuous support.”

Describing the Siron KYC solution, the IDC MarketScape report says, “The solution provides a risk-based customer segmentation and classification using multiple levels of customer data. High flexibility and always compliant are key characteristics of Siron KYC. A configurable risk classification model and standard connection to data providers for PEP, sanctions, adverse media, beneficial owners, and leaks (ICIJ) guarantee a secure approach at low total cost of ownership.”

The reports note that FICO TONBELLER should appeal to all sizes of financial institutions requiring AML or KYC solutions. The FICO® TONBELLER™ Siron® Anti-Financial Crime Solutions Suite includes a comprehensive modular portfolio with high functionality, thereby meeting customers‘ demands for protection against criminal abuse and non-compliance under one roof.

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