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A Little Horn Tooting: FICO Ranked in Top 50 for Content Marketing

We just received a fantastic endorsement of our blogs, and other content from kapost, a content marketing platform provider. kapost scored hundreds of companies based on the quality and frequency of new content, audience engagement and creativity, and chose 50 brands as innovators, executors and pioneers in content marketing. FICO ranked #41, amongst a crop of great brands.

Based on this endorsement, we thought it would be a good time to share some of the places you can get access to our now “award-winning” content—not to mention, engage with some of our analytics and decision management experts:

Banking Analytics Blog – learn about new research and top analytic practices in banking, including for risk management, marketing, collections and fraud.

Predictive Analytics Site – explore the science that makes decisions smarter with our guide to all things analytics, including the different types of predictive analytics, and the 20 technologies used to develop predictive analytics.

Insights Papers – enjoy exclusive white papers on analytic innovation, strategy ideas and more. Just last week, we published a piece on Best Practices for Preventing Data Breaches, and late last month, a paper on Extracting Value from Unstructured Data.

FICO on LinkedIn – get connected to our 40,000 followers on our company page. The page delivers frequent updates on our new content, as well as insights into Big Data, predictive analytics, decision management and cloud computing.

Decision Management Communities - find the experts and information you need to collaborate, support your business, and solve common business challenges in our community. With this community, FICO tools users can get informal technical support, build relationships with local and remote professionals, and improve your business practices.

And of course, the FICO Labs blog will continue to deliver our perspectives, vision, successes and challenges in the areas of predictive analytics, Big Data, decision optimization, cloud computing and Big Marketing.

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