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Live from Gartner Symposium ITxpo - Previewing My Session

I am attending Gartner Symposium and ITxpo this week and blogging as I go. Tomorrow at 12:15 I will be presenting on Real-World Experience in Applying Business Intelligence to Business Processes

I thought I would write a short preview to show why it was worth everyone attending.

There is a lot of talk at this conference about both Business Intelligence and Business Process. Gartner is trying to get people to focus on how BI can be used to change your company's behavior and about the need for a new business process platform. I believe, and I have some customer case studies to prove, that the ability to bring analytic insight to bear on business processes will not be achieved with the current generation of BI or BPMS tools. Applying intelligence to business process means:

  • Focusing on operational decisions as a distinct opportunity for improvement
  • Using business rules to create a platform for decision automation as part of your business process platform
  • Embedding intelligence in these decisions using predictive analytics, rather than reports and cubes
  • Developing a learning environment to keep improving these decisions

In an era where decision-making represents a crucial and unique part of your business (perhaps the 5% of a business that is unique) and where you might only be able to spend 20% of your IT resources on growth projects, a focus on decisioning and an enterprise decision management approach may be your best bet. Come to the session to learn more.

BTW Fair Isaac is at booth 305

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