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Live from Gartner Symposium ITxpo - thoughts on the keynote (second hand)

I am attending Gartner Symposium and ITxpo this week and blogging as I go. This post is based on a couple of comments made to me by the CNBC Europe team about the keynote.

Firstly Gartner claim that 80% of IT spending does not contribute to business growth

  • I find this hard to disagree with. In fact I think this comment reinforces one made by SAP that only 5% of application logic is unique
  • However, perhaps the solution is not to try and increase the percentage so much as to make sure that the spend you have for growth complements and is additive to the spend you have on "keeping the lights on". Automating decisions is a perfect use of it as decisions differentiate you and leverage your legacy and packaged investments

Secondly the need for companies to be more agile in he future than ever before was emphasized.

  • I think that there are many ways to get agility and that decision agility, an ability to change the way you make decisions, is a key one.
  • Business rules deliver agility like no-other technology of which I am aware
  • Business rules, and a focus on decisions, also allows you to effectively add "intelligence" to applications and processes by building composite applications.

There's a ton more on the blog...

BTW Fair Isaac is at booth 305 and I am presenting at 12:15 on Wednesday on Real-World Experience in Applying Business Intelligence to Business Processes

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