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Live from InterACT: Keynote

InterACT BlogI am attending InterACT San Francisco 2007 this week and blogging live (or nearly live) from the sessions. This post is about Mark Greene's keynote. Mark started with a few examples of innovation at Fair Isaac:

  • 100,000,000,000 FICO Scores!
  • FastPanel ID - spit chip for pets where we apply math to identify the diseases they might have!
  • Best Next Action - retailers finding the optimal action to take next with a customers. I will blog about this later in the week
  • Revenue Assurance - 1.5 Billion calls on BT's network to make sure they are legitimate using powerful rules and mathematics
  • Tax cheats - $900M in taxes identified

Mark went on to talk about Enterprise Decision Management as the driving force behind Fair Isaac.

"Enterprise Decision Management is an approach that automates, improves and connects decisions to enhance business performance"

Regular readers of the blog will know that the "connect" piece is new and is the result of work with customers around the value of applying decisions from one part of the lifecycle to later ones. For instance, making sure that fraud decisions take account of known promotions to card holders to make sure that a sudden increase in use, promoted by a company, does not get flagged as fraud. More on this later. Mark went on to reiterate the value of Decision Yield as a way to measure decision power.

Mark Greene very nicely mentioned the project on which Neil Raden and I have been working - Smart (Enough) Systems. We have a digital short cut of the first few chapters that should be available late this week/early next week and the book itself it expected to ship around the end of June/beginning of July.

Short Cut You can order the short cut here.

CoverSmall You can pre-order the book from here or you can order it from Prentice Hall and get a 35% blog/InterACT discount by entering the coupon code TAYLOR7962 . You also get FREE ground shipping in the


You can find the full set of posts from InterACT in this category and there was a press release with some details this morning.

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