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Live from InterACT: So, What is InterACT Then?

I thought I'd extract a little from the press release that literally just went across the wire:

InterACT, the world's leading business forum on business analytics, emerging decision management technologies and their applications, is being held this week in San Francisco, where Bill Fair and Earl Isaac started the company in 1956. Registered attendance of nearly 700 for the company's 50th anniversary conference is the highest in several years, demonstrating the growth in demand for EDM strategies and solutions.

CEO Tom Grudnowski discussed how Fair Isaac's ongoing pursuit of innovation is breaking new ground to help organizations transform and improve the way they make their most critical decisions.  He told InterACT delegates that they are among the leading practitioners of EDM, which combines the analytic solutions and decision automation software organizations need to make their decisions more precise, more consistent and more agile, at every customer interaction or decision point. He also recognized clients' central role over the past 50 years in turning the company's solutions for risk management, fraud control, account management, business rules management and more into industry standards.

"We are very fortunate to have clients who understand and value what this company was born to do -- help organizations solve their most complex business problems by consistently making the right decisions at the right time," said Grudnowski. "We've been perfecting the science of EDM in our R&D labs, and working with you to perfect it in the form of thousands of successful deployments around the world. Bill Fair once said, 'We sell a radically different way of making decisions that flies in the face of tradition.' That was true in 1956, and it's still true today."

EDM Innovations in InterACT Spotlight

Key decision management innovations being showcased at InterACT 06 include:

  • Advances in the battle against fraud, including Fair Isaac's architecture for Enterprise Fraud Management, its vision of a fraud clearinghouse and its research into click fraud.
  • Fair Isaac's development of its ScoreNet(R) network, the first "Decision Services Provider" network. This growing network gives businesses access to hosted versions of Fair Isaac solutions, as well as more than 2,000 service providers and 70 third-party databases.
  • The latest release of Blaze Advisor(TM) business rules management system, the only such system powered by the Rete III algorithm. With Rete III, Blaze Advisor can run complex business rulesets up to 100 times faster than other rules engines.
  • The next phase in the company's EDM architecture for financial services, which will give banks a common platform for their decision management across the customer lifecycle, and connectivity between point solutions for different decision areas.
  • A new approach to customer-centricity called "CustomerHD," which uses leading-edge analytics to give marketers a high-definition view of customers and potential customers.
  • New insights into customer credit issues, including consumer sensitivity to debt load, U.S. and global regulatory issues in financial services, and the implications of HELOCs and debt consolidation for card issuers.

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