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Live from InterACT: Wikinomics

InterACT BlogI am attending InterACT San Francisco 2007 this week and blogging live (or nearly live) from the sessions. Don Tapscott is my next session talking about wikinomics (based on this book). Don had horrible trouble getting here but made it. He is a great speaker and gave a terrific presentation. He started off pointing out that in many ways, the FICO Score is a mass collaboration that uses everyone's behavior collaboratively (an interesting point of view). Don maintains that there is a sea change happening with four huge drivers :

  • web 2.0
    • Web not just being accessed from PCs and formal computers, but from devices of all sorts.
    • Broadband mobility is happening - Now you can access high speed wireless networks from mobile devices (BTW here's Don talking to Eric Schmidt of Google about telephony and broadband).
    • Geo-spatiality. Not just GPS but mobile phones etc. What can you do because devices know where you are? Mobile phones can be monitored for movement to get traffic speeds.
    • True multimedia - Skybe, video phones, taping off the Internet and so on.
    • Web services replace HTML moving to active meta data not just presentation
    • Interconnectivity, not just within the enterprise but without too. SOA is the glue.
  • The NET Generation
    • Children of the baby boomers have grown up with digital technology. They don't see the technology, they just see what they are doing
    • They are a huge bubble of kids growing up - digital natives not digital immigrants
    • Children are an authority on something that really matters - the Web and associated technologies
    • Email is their "formal" way of communicating, VOIP/IM/Video email are how they talk
    • Very choice centric, into customization, connected, mix activities like entertainment/work/collaborating, speed-focused
  • Social Revolution
    • Social networking sites based on XML are eclipsing old content-centric HTML sites
    • Self-organizing is a strong urge/drive in human society and technology let's this happen really fast
    • Great example of his son creating a facebook community on wikinomics when he got the book as a gift that had exploded by dinner time!
  • Economic Revolution
    • Peering, collaborating, is a key driver
    • Industrial era companies were created to reduce interaction/collaboration costs
    • The web began to extend and then un-bundle companies (see my review of The Only Sustainable Edge for another view on this)
    • Mass collaboration is the future
    • "Naked" corporations are the future as everything will become more visible (I blogged about something similar)
    • Sharing is in, even in IP
    • Acting global

Digital Conglomerates, like Google, are growing - the digital nature of the company is the key thing not what they do. Also gave an example of Goldcorp using open source of their geological data and a competition to find Billions of dollars of gold! Global, Peering, Naked, Collaborative. Listed some new themes that result:

  • Peer Pioneers - Linux, Wikipedia
  • Ideagoras - open markets of ideas or innovation like InnoCentive
  • Prosumers - consumers who produce. E.g. remixers or people on second life
  • The New Alexandrians - sharing of science
  • Open Platforms - like the Amazon API
  • The global plant floor - suppliers participated in designing parts as the airplane was designed and, increasingly, delivered sub-assemblies.
  • The wiki Workplace - internal use of blogs, wikis etc in an enterprise

You might enjoy this piece on the potential future of media and you can find the full set of posts from InterACT in this category.

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