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Location Intelligence and EDM

Interesting article on location intelligence in DM Review today - Enhancing Predictive Analytics in the Enterprise Through Location Intelligence by Mark Zygmontowicz of MapInfo. Although Mark focuses on how location intelligence can improve what I might call Decision Support systems, it can also be used to improve decision automation and EDM systems.

If you think about decisions where location matters - such as property insurance - you can immediately see how being able to bring location intelligence such as distance from fire station, location in a flood zone etc into the decision can really help. You might want to run rules against these values or use them in analytic models e.g. risk scorecards. Either way, they can really help.

We are doing a joint webinar with Insurance Networking News and MapInfo to introduce some of these concepts - Location Rules! Optimizing Insurance Processes using Business Rules Management with Location Intelligence on March 1at 2pm Eastern.

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