Meet Digital Jane, She’s Your Customer and She Has High Expectations

Videos showcase how FICO Platform helps financial institutions improve customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty.

Meet Jane. Jane is 28-year-old woman sharing an apartment in the big city with friends. She uses her mobile phone to conduct a lot of her day-to-day life, including connecting with friends, making purchases, checking her bank account, and even buying a new car. She wants a bank that can keep up with, and even anticipate, her needs. Jane is not alone in that expectation. In a fast-paced, digital world, financial institutions who succeed put customers at the center of their business.

How? Enter FICO. FICO Platform is designed to predict, analyze, and optimize customer interactions in real-time to help organizations make better customer-level decisions. The series of short videos below demonstrates how financial institutions - using analytics, decision modeling and AI - can seamlessly elevate Jane’s financial interactions in a typical day in order to strengthen customer loyalty.

1. Loyalty

2. Insurance Quotes

3. BNPL Purchase

4. Lunch Payment

5. P2P

 6. Car Purchase


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