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Meet Digital Jane, She’s Your Customer and She Has High Expectations

Meet Jane. Jane is 28-year-old woman sharing an apartment in the big city with friends. She uses her mobile phone to conduct a lot of her day-to-day life, including connecting with friends, making purchases, checking her bank account, and even buying a new car. She wants a bank that can keep up with, and even anticipate, her needs. Jane is not alone in that expectation. In a fast-paced, digital world, financial institutions who succeed put customers at the center of their business.

How? Enter FICO. FICO Platform is designed to predict, analyze, and optimize customer interactions in real-time to help organizations make better customer-level decisions. The series of short videos below demonstrates how financial institutions - using analytics, decision modeling and AI - can seamlessly elevate Jane’s financial interactions in a typical day in order to strengthen customer loyalty.

1. Loyalty

2. Insurance Quotes

3. BNPL Purchase

4. Lunch Payment

5. P2P

 6. Car Purchase


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